Welcome to Sparkle & Style!

Welcome to Sparkle & Style, the blog dedicated to fashion and beauty lovers looking for inspiration, reviews, or beauty hacks!

I’m Jenny, a senior marketing student. I created this blog for a class project but it’s always been something that I thought about doing but never got to do. I’ve always had an interest in fashion and beauty (I had a bookshelf at home where I’d keep my fashion and beauty magazines until I finally got rid of them recently.) Fashion and beauty are important to me because they are a form of self-expression and the clothes that people wear can say so much about them. Fashion and beauty can be a creative outlet for a person to express themselves and who they are. The best part about fashion and beauty is that there are no right or wrongs. Everyone has their own styles and that’s what makes them unique!

As you may have seen, the tagline for this blog is “fashion and beauty inspo for the everyday girl.” I want this blog to be an outlet for everyone to find styles and beauty products that are affordable for the “everyday girl.” We can’t all be Blair Waldorf or Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl with an unlimited budget or access to the newest Louboutins. I want this blog to show girls that you don’t need to spend a fortune to find a style you feel confident and comfortable in.

Image result for blair waldorf and serena vanderwoodsen

In this blog, I’ll share my favorite clothing pieces, beauty products, trends, and more! I will also share different ways to style a staple piece of clothing to make a unique look and how to also transition pieces for another season. I’ll also be sharing reviews of my favorite products and beauty hacks to make getting ready easier.

Fashion isn’t always about what you’re wearing but instead about how you feel in what you’re wearing and that’s what I’d like this blog to convey. I ‘d love for Sparkle & Style to help girls find their sparkle and style. 

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xoxo, jenny




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