e.l.f. Haul and Review


About three weeks ago, e.l.f. cosmetics had a promo for 50% off for your entire order of $30 or more. When the offer appeared on my Facebook page, I had to check it out. I love a good deal so I couldn’t pass it up! I already own a few e.l.f. products that I love so it was the perfect chance for me to try out some newer products that I haven’t already. E.l.f. also offers free shipping with the purchase of $25 or more so I bought around $50 worth of products and got free shipping. With the amazing promo, I got 13 items ranging from skincare to makeup for all under $30!

I’ve been trying out the products that I bought and thought I’d share my thoughts about the products! Even without the promo, e.l.f. products are super affordable so I hope you find something that you want to try out!

The first product I bought is the Gentle Peeling Exfoliant. I’ve never bought a skincare product from e.l.f. but when I saw this online it sounded intriguing and I wanted to try it out. It’s a gentle exfoliating cleanser that peels away dead skin and dirt. You can see the “pilling” of the cleanser as you scrub your face. I’ve only had the product for a few days but so far so good!


The next product I bought is the Aqua Beauty Molten Liquid. I bought two colors: Rose Gold and Brushed Copper. I tried out both colors and they’re beautiful! I’m obsessed! They are very pigmented and the applicator is easy to use and mess free! These can be used either alone or layered with other shadows. They don’t dry too fast which is perfect if you want to blend out any harsh edges or blend a color in the crease! I blended a dark brown in my crease to add dimension to my eyes and I loved the look of it!


The next products I bought are a few of their baked eyeshadows. I already own a few of their baked highlighters and blushes so I wanted to try out the eyeshadows. I bought three colors: Enchanted, Pixie, and Toasted. At first swatch, the eyeshadows don’t seem very pigmented but what I have learned by using my e.l.f. baked highlighter and blush is that you have to scrape off a little of the top layer to really get the pigment. You can also use a wet brush to apply the shadow to have a better color pay-off. These tricks work for me and I love these shadows!


The next products I bought are a few lipsticks. I got two Essential Lipsticks in Fearless and Posh. Fearless is more of a pink-y red and Posh is more of a taupe-y red but I think both are really pretty!


I also got two Matte Lip Colors in Natural and Rich Red. Natural enhances your natural lip color and Rich Red is a lighter shade of red so it’s good for a daily look! The best part of these is that the little colored part on the bottom is a sharpener!


The next product I bought is the Hydrating Face Primer. I currently use the e.l.f. Poreless Face Primer and I love it! So, I had planned to just buy another one of those but then I thought that a hydrating primer would be perfect to combat dry skin as the weather gets colder! The hydrating primer is an oil formula which is not my favorite and at first it has a slightly weird scent but it goes away quickly. My makeup has stayed intact throughout the day and my face feels moisturized so I’m still 50/50 on this primer but I’m going to use it more in the colder months and see if it works when I actually have dry skin. 


The next product I bought was the Acne Fighting Foundation. I have oily skin and I have foundations that I love but I’ve never tried an e.l.f. foundation so I thought the 50% deal was a good time to give it a chance. The foundation has a thicker formula but is easy to blend and the coverage can be built up. 


The last product I bought was the HD Lifting Concealer. The applicator is easy to use and the concealer applies on smoothly and gives good coverage without being too heavy! Others say this is dupe for the NARS concealer which costs $30! So this is definitely a steal at only $3! 


Overall, I was really pleased with the products that I bought! I hope that this helps you find some new beauty products to try out! If you buy or use any of these products or others, I would love to hear your thoughts! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

xoxo, jenny

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