Get Her Look and Style Interview with Rydel Lynch

Get Her Look & Style Interview: Rydel Lynch

Happy Saturday! Today’s post is definitely the most fun one I’ve gotten to write! I did a short “style interview” with Rydel Lynch! If you don’t know who she is, she has a YouTube channel where she posts beauty, fashion, entertainment, and cooking/baking videos. Her videos are so fun and hilarious and you should definitely go check them out! She also has her own clothing line that you can check out here

Get Her Look and Style Interview with Rydel Lynch

Rydel always has the CUTEST outfits on in her Instagram pictures and a lot of the clothes she wears are from stores any girl can afford to shop at!  This is why I thought she was the perfect person to choose to start off my new “Get Her Look” series!

Get Her Look and Style Interview with Rydel Lynch

One of the looks that Rydel is always rocking and one that I’m obsessed with as well is florals! Florals are a wardrobe essential and it’s such an effortless and cute pattern to wear! 

Get Her Look and Style Interview with Rydel Lynch

Last month, Rydel posted the picture above of her in this yellow floral print dress and I noticed it had similar features to a dress I own which is where the inspiration for this blog post series came from!

The dress I own is from the brand Prince & Fox. It’s yellow of course but also has a slightly similar rose pattern to the one that Rydel is wearing and has ruffle details as well! I also own similar shoes to the ones she’s wearing and mine were from JCPennney!



(Hover over the picture to find the shop link!)


Shop Now!

This maxi skirt has a pretty rose floral print similar to the one on Rydel’s dress and has the ruffles as well! It’s from A’GACI is currently only $9!


Shop Now!

This maxi dress also has a very similar rose floral pattern and it’s the perfect Rydel-inspired look for the fall! It’s from Rue21 and is currently only $19!


Shop Now!

If you want the same dress Rydel is wearing in her picture, Forever21 has the same dress in a light blue color which is just as pretty! It’s only $20!


Shop Now!

These JCPenney shoes are very similar to the ones Rydel’s wearing! These shoes are so versatile and can work for so many outfits and they’re only $25! 


Shop Now!

This is the exact bag that Rydel has! It’s $50! 




What words would you use to describe your style?

Rydel: Funky, Girly, Fun, Rock, Sparkly, Random.


What are your favorite trends/favorite pieces of clothing right now?

Rydel: I love faux fur coats! I always have those ready for the fall and winter!

Get Her Look and Style Interview with Rydel Lynch


What are your holy grail beauty items? 

Rydel: Probably dry shampoo, lip balm, and perfume. Dry shampoo is a life saver! I reapply lip balm like 100 times a day haha and I LOVE smelling good!

Get Her Look and Style Interview with Rydel Lynch


If you could raid anyone’s closet whose would it be?

Rydel: Definitely Madonna! Partly because my mom is obsessed with her and is inspired by her, therefore I sort of am. And I’m sure her closet is filled with so many cool items!



What are your favorite stores to get clothes from?

Rydel: I love Forever 21 because you can get great items for a great cost. Urban Outfitters is always a good choice. If I’m feeling a little more pricey then Free People. 



If you buy any of the pieces above or if this blog post inspired you to buy something similar, comment below because I would to know! I hope you enjoyed the first “Get Her Look!”

Thanks for stopping by! 

xoxo, jenny


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