OOTD: Snow Day

Happy Sunday!

Last week we got snow for the first time this Winter where I live which gave me a 5 day weekend which was SO nice! I took some pictures in the snow and posted them on my Instagram and I got a lot of compliments and questions on my outfit especially on my leather jacket so I decided to put all the details of my outfit in a blog post and here it is!


OOTD: Snow Day Outfit Of The DayOOTD: Snow Day Outfit Of The DayOOTD: Snow Day Outfit Of The Day

Leather Jacket

I got this Leather Jacket from Windsor and I’m OBSESSED with it! This leather jacket is made of a softer material than your average leather jacket so it’s easier to move in which is SO nice! I love the cream color of the jacket because it can go with literally anything! It’s also so versatile and easy to style! I’ve styled it over dresses too and it looks so pretty!


I wore a white crochet lace shirt that I got from the brand Worthington at JCPenney! It’s super cute and a staple everyone should have in their closet! It’s SO versatile and I have plans to wear it under dresses when the weather gets warmer! It’s definitely a year-round piece!


Fun Fact: I LITERALLY wear dresses and skirt/top combos EVERYDAY! I never wear jeans! The only exception is when it’s REALLY cold – like below 20 degrees cold. It was snowing and about 15 degrees so it was an exception. These jeans are from the brand REWASH at Macy’s. They’re more of a jegging style so they’re super comfortable.


I’ve had these black booties for a few years now so I don’t remember where they’re from but they’re from the brand Rampage, which is sold in stores like Macy’s and DSW!


I wore simple stud earrings and a blue and white floral necklace from Charming Charlie’s! The blue in the necklace added a little pop of color to my pretty neutral outfit!

Have you had any snow this Winter? If so, how did you spend your snow day? If not, how would you spend a snow day? Let me know below!

Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo, jenny



27 thoughts on “OOTD: Snow Day

  1. CherishingFLo says:

    Love this so much! Absolutely adorable! The picture is gorgeous! Snow is so pretty but I can never go out and be in it longer than 30 seconds! Enjoyed this post and loved your outfit!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. daniellepitter says:

    GIRL, how do you look that good in the cold! I wish I could look that good in the cold haha! I love your jacket and boots! 😀


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