College Tips From A College Grad

Happy Wednesday! 

Today’s blog post is slightly different from my others. I graduated from college in May and have some tips that I think would be helpful for people who are starting college this year! I did a poll on Twitter asking if people would like to see a post like this and the majority said yes! Even if you’re not going to college I would love it if you’d pass this post along to someone you may know who could find it helpful! 

(If you’re interested in reading my thoughts and feelings of closing this chapter of my life you can check it out here!)


Tip 1: Hang Out In Your Dorm’s Lobby or The Student Center

This is such an easy way to meet people especially during your Freshman Year! It may seem really awkward at first but remember that everyone is in the same boat as you! I would sit in the student center or the lobby and do homework all the time! It’s an easy way of being productive while still being social! It’s easy to get too comfortable around the people you’re always with so defintely try to put yourself out there more and meet a lot of people! 


Tip 2: Go To Events

There’s always an event going on in college dorms that are organized by the RAs! These events are such a great way to meet people from different floors that you might have never met otherwise! I went to a Bonfire that my dorm organized my Freshman Year and I ended up meeting a group of friends that I ended up having movie and game nights with regularly, so you never know what can happen! 


Tip 3: Stay On Campus As Long As You Can

I lived on campus all four years of college! Not only does it make it easy to get to class (and you don’t have to wake up as early to make it on time) but you get this sense of community and it makes it easier to go to events on campus! I went to a Zumba class every week which I don’t know if I would’ve done if I had lived off campus. I had friends who regretted moving off campus because once they left campus after class they didn’t feel like coming back so they always missed events on campus. 


Tip 4: Write Notes Don’t Type Them

I know it’s so much easier just to type your notes on your laptop but writing them out helps you retain the information so much more. If you’re typing notes on a laptop it’s so easy to get distracted and fall into mindless note-taking in which you have no idea what you even typed. 


Tip 5: Use Quizlet For Studying

Quizlet is an online study tool where you can create flashcards that you can use for studying. One of the features of Quizlet is that it can create tests for you to help with studying which seriously helped me so much! I would study the flashcards and then take the tests to see how much I remembered! I never took a single test in college without creating a Quizlet for it! Even just making the flashcards helped me to study! 


Tip 6: Go To Sporting Events

I had never really been a sports person but I went to my school’s Homecoming basketball game during Freshman year and had so much fun! My school doesn’t have a football team so basketball is our biggest sport! Sporting events are such a way fun to hang out with friends and cheer on your school! 


If you’re starting college I hope you find these tips helpful! If you’re not, what other tips do you have that can help those that are? Let me know below! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

xoxo, jenny







57 thoughts on “College Tips From A College Grad

    • Jenny says:

      I’m glad you found it helpful! I’m shy too and I regret not meeting more people during Freshman Year because it’s easier then since everyone is in the same boat as you! ☺️


    • DAOwens says:

      You’ll be so surprised to find out that many of the students you’ll meet will be shy or nervous to be going to these events. Just approach one person at a time, you already have something in common by being at the event, right?

      Liked by 1 person

  1. julietlylillyrose says:

    I totally agree hanging out in the student center or dorm halls is a great way to meet new people! And quizlets saved my life! Love them. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thewriteblogweb says:

    These are some good tips! I need to try quizlet; I do type my notes but what I do is make a revision guide of the whole module by breaking down each lecture afterwards – that helps so much! Also, I joined the lacrosse team, which improved my social life immensely!

    Meg x |

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nancy says:

    Major congrats on finishing up college recently! I agree with these tips for college students. It’s important to go to events because you don’t know if the person you networked with will play a vital role in the future. YES on staying in campus!!! You only have a few years with the college experience and all, take advantage of it. Thanks for sharing these thoughts!

    Nancy ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  4. justamusingstudent says:

    This is so useful! I just finished my first year of college and I learned a lot of this the hard way (yikes!). I’m glad that I learned some useful stuff! And I think there are a couple of things I will be using next year, namely tip 1!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Madara says:

    Great tips! 🙂 It is always good to put yourself out there and socialize. I didn’t go a University with campus though – I went to one in the city and it was my home city, so I didn’t experience the dorm life as well but Hey! Everyones collage experience is different. 🙂
    Madara |

    Liked by 1 person

  6. TheFashionnBlogger says:

    I have another year before uni so this really helped. I’m thinking of going to London and doing a photography course there but it’s really expensive. Do you have any tips on going to uni in a different country? My mum says that it’s a bad idea because it’s expensive and that photography can’t really take me anywhere but I don’t like any of the universities where I live.

    TheFashionnBlogger |

    Liked by 1 person

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